unaligned data에 대한 atomic operation의 동작을 확인하기 위해 unaligned data를 만들어야 되었는데, 방법을 몰라 헤매이다,. __attribute__ (packed)를 쓰면 된다는 것을 알게 되었다. 

Found in versions: 2.7-3.4
     This attribute, attached to `struct' or `union' type definition,
     specifies that each member of the structure or union is placed to
     minimize the memory required. When attached to an `enum'
     definition, it indicates that the smallest integral type should be

     Specifying this attribute for `struct' and `union' types is
     equivalent to specifying the `packed' attribute on each of the
     structure or union members.  Specifying the `-fshort-enums' flag
     on the line is equivalent to specifying the `packed' attribute on
     all `enum' definitions.

     In the following example `struct my_packed_struct''s members are
     packed closely together, but the internal layout of its `s' member
     is not packed - to do that, `struct my_unpacked_struct' would need
     to be packed too.

          struct my_unpacked_struct
              char c;
              int i;
          struct my_packed_struct __attribute__ ((__packed__))
               char c;
               int  i;
               struct my_unpacked_struct s;

     You may only specify this attribute on the definition of a `enum',
     `struct' or `union', not on a `typedef' which does not also define
     the enumerated type, structure or union.


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